Prom Fashion

I recently experienced prom- less than a week ago actually. It was pretty insane getting ready for it, and I just wanted to share my prom look with all of you. Unfortunately, we were so rushed in getting ready to leave for the event that I wasn’t able to get any really good pictures by myself, so they’ve been cropped a bit so that other people were taken out of the picture.


My dress was from La Femme, and I had it hemmed so that the front just barely missed the ground, and the back was a very small train.


My purse for the evening was a lovely Kotur clutch. My mom found it at a second hand shop and not only looked like it had never been used, but apparently it’s a limited edition!


For shoes I stuck to my trusty Kenneth Cole Reactions heels. I wore these to my Boat Cruise and Winter Formal, which meant that they were completely broken in and perfect for the long night.


For makeup, I went and had it done at MAC. The woman who did my makeup was absolutely amazing. My favourite part of this look would have to be my lip colour- Velvet Teddy (which unfortunately can’t be seen in this picture), and my blush- Warm Soul. I would highly recommend both of those! I also think that the eyeshadow was pretty cool.(Also, my earrings are from Guess)


I completely forgot to have a picture taken of my hair until I was actually at the event, so please excuse the table in the background.


Perhaps one of my best decisions was my manicure. I got a gel manicure the day before, which meant that I wasn’t rushing around the day of to get my nails done. Also, because they were gel, I wasn’t worrying about my nail polish chipping and coming off which made everything a lot easier!

I hope that you enjoyed my prom look! Stay tuned for my summer fashion looks, and more.



2 thoughts on “Prom Fashion

  1. Wow your dress was absolutely fabulous, suits you so well.


    1. Thank you! It was a bit out of my comfort zone haha, but I’m happy I went for it šŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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